During the Yellow Phase (Covid-19)

Compliant with the directives of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, as of June 7, 2020, St. Francis de Sales Parish will be offering public Masses again. Our first Mass will celebrate the Solemnity of the Trinity at 10:15 am. Daily Masses throughout the week that follows will be at 9 am; Mass for the day of Saturday will be at 8 am. Please watch the video below to acquaint yourself with what will be different during these celebrations. The text of Fr. Matt’s instructions are also below the jump.

Weekly Sunday Mass will continue to be posted at 10:15 am each Sunday on this website. Please follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

The upper church is open for private visitation on Sundays following the 10:15 Mass. If you choose to make a Sunday visit to our Lord, please practice responsible social distancing. Fr. Matt will be available for confessions in the parish garden (weather permitting) or (in inclement weather) in the back of church from 12-1 pm.

The church is still available for funerals, baptisms, and weddings, although social distancing policies and a significantly reduced gathering is mandatory. Please contact the rectory (215-222-5819) for more information. 

Donations may be made online through Parish Giving, PayPal, Venmo (@SFDSPhiladelphia), or CashApp ($SFDSPhiladelphia). Checks may be dropped off or mailed at our address: Saint Francis de Sales Parish, 4625 Springfield Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143.

Before Coming To Mass

  • Please wash your hands before coming to Mass
  • Wear a face mask and bring hand sanitizer
  • Arrive at church 15 minutes before Mass begins
  • Always keep a distance of 6’ from others before entering church
  • A staff member will greet you and will spray your hands with water and rubbing alcohol.
  • No one will be admitted into church without a mask

Procedures During Mass

  • Please wear your mask throughout Mass
  • Every other pew will be available to sit
  • Each household is to be seated 6’ apart from each other
  • There is to be no physical contact between households throughout Mass
  • There will be a donation basket for envelopes and offerings at the altar
  • We STRONGLY encourage you to use online giving.

Procedures For Holy Communion

  • Until further notice, there will be no presentation of gifts. Instead, the bread and wine to be offered will already be near the altar and no one else will have been in contact with them.
  • Throughout the Eucharistic Prayer, both the hosts and the chalice will be covered
  • The priest will place his facemask on and sanitize his hands immediately prior to distributing Holy Communion
  • Sanitize your hands before coming forward
  • Please do not remain in your pew. Join with those in line, even if you are unable to receive Communion.  This will eliminate people having to climb over you when they return to their pews
  • There will be ONE line in the center aisle for Holy Communion
  • Please keep a 6′ distance from others while in line
  • Communion will be distributed only in your hand.
  • Keep your mask ON as you receive,
  • After you’ve moved away 6′ from the priest and others, consume the sacred host,
  • Put your mask back on and return to your pew.

Procedures For Departure

  • Dismissal will take place after Mass is ended.
  • Please wait until someone from the staff comes to your section to tell you when you may leave.
  • We ask you to please depart from church and pray privately at home
  • Staff members will begin cleaning the church once everyone has exited in order to get the church ready for Confessions
  • Please do not gather outside the church after Mass.
  • I know these procedures are terribly inconvenient.  However, we are trying to stay healthy both spiritually and physically.

  • Again, I wish to emphasize that there is no obligation to return to Mass next week.
      And if you are at risk to spread or contract COVID-19, please: out of love for others and yourself, stay home and participate prayerfully in the Mass online. 
  • God bless you,
    Father Matt Guckin
    Parochial Administrator pro tem
    Saint Francis de Sales Parish